Eyebrow waxing gone bad
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Eyebrow problem

So, today i went to get my eyebrowns cleaned up as I usually do once a month. There was a new lady at the place who waxed them after I told her exactly what I needed done. I have (had) very thick eyebrows that i love. but now, i have thin ones. I am sort of in shock. I cried after i saw what she had done. Theyre not a bad shape, theyre just very thin. I dont think ill get used to this. What can I do other than wear my glasses for two months and hope they'll grow back?
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Demand your money back

Olive oil is suppose to be good... seriously. Google give a lot of product options as well.
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I can't say if this works at all or not... but on the Tyra Banks Show (guilty pleasure, please don't judge me...) they said getting some Rogaine and putting it on a Q-tip and applying to the areas you wanted the hair to grow back would expidite the process... Sorry for your loss :)
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Sometimes it's like getting a different haircut, but then you get used to it in a few days. Unless she really didn't do them correctly, then you just have to wait until they grow back. Meanwhile you could buy an eyebrow pencil (if you're female) that matches your color and try to use that.
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Whatever you do don't color them dark with a one of those pencils, that will only make them worse.

Whenever I see women with very thin eyebrows that have been colored in with a pencil, all I think of is Halloween.
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Whatever you do don't color them dark with a one of those pencils, that will only make them worse.

There are certain pencils/eyebrow shadows that don't look like painted on eyebrows if you use them correctly and subtly.
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My condolences: I have thick eyebrows and once ended up with horrible sperm brows from a new person. The good news is that if you have good thick brows, they will grow back. The bad news is that waiting will suck (especially if your brows are like mine: they'll look very ragged for a while but you just have to live with it). I guess this isn't a solution but you're going to have to not cave and get them done until they grow out (otherwise you'll end up with thin brows forever, ick).
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You could go to a makeup counter at a dept store or Sephora and get one of the artists to walk you through some liner techniques -- and see if anything is satisfactory to you. If not, you haven't wasted any time. If so, it might ease the psychological pain.
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er, that should be: you haven't wasted anything but time
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Eyebrow pencil is long lasting, but it looks like crap.

1) Get a brow powder that is a shade or two lighter than your eyebrows.
2) Get a tiny little angle brush.
3) Use the angel brush to make a bunch of tiny strokes on your brow, going in the natural direction of the hair. (Why I'm emphasizing 'tiny': don't try to be quick and do big sweeping strokes. The strokes shouldn't be microscopic, but around the length of an eyebrow hair.)
4) Get a friend (with a good eye and a tendency towards the brutal) to look at your powdered brows before you go anywhere. If they look like crap, get thee to a makeup counter for further hints on how to apply this, because some things just need to be shown.

If you've done it right, it should be tough to notice that something's up.

It doesn't last too long, so you might need to retouch it during the day.
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Seconding the brow powder. It looks a lot more natural than pencil. If you have a Sephora near you, go there, or go to a makeup counter at a department store and have them show you how to use it.

They will grow back in no time, and in the meantime, try not to think about it too much ... I freak out about my own eyebrows too, but the truth is that most people don't notice or care.
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For the long term consideration:

I bought one of these to trim my beard. But it turns out to be very nice for trimming my thick eyebrows, too. I use a setting of "6" for my beard and a setting of "8" for my eyebrows.

The few eyebrow hairs I want to get rid of entirely I cut with a small pair of surgical scissors. (Which I also use to trim my moustache.)
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Eyebrow. There is no 'n' in the word.

That said, deal. You have thinner eyebrows for a while. I once went 6 months with no eyebrowns. You'll be fine.

For future reference, the best eyebrows can be found thusly:

1) Get a makeup brush (not a blush brush; something thinner. An angle brush or similar.)

2) Position vertically, aligned with the outer edge of your nostril.

3) Pivot, using your nostril as the fulcrum.

This will show you the approximate arc that your eyebrows will look good at. The inner space--where your eyebrows will start--will be always accurate. The specific arc will depend on your face shape.
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This has happened to me too. It didn't seem to take too long to grow back, but I wear glasses all the time anyway and the frames helped disguise the bareness.

These days I use this. I was skeptical about whether or not it'd work, but it's really good. I'm not impressed with the product in a pot that you're meant to use on larger areas, but the small facial wand is excellent.
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Don't use Rogaine. Some of the hairs that grow back will be thick and kinky, and your eyebrow is the last place you want that.

In general, console yourself with the knowledge that no one really much cares what your eyebrows look like except you.
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Dr LeWinn's Private Formula
Active Organic
Eye Makeup Remover
Long Lash Enhancer.

Well, I got it onto my eyebrows one time. Turned them into these wild and whacky Jack-and-the-beanstalks (no seriously) for a good 3-4 days afterwards.

That was the only time I did that exactly. But not the only time I have done it... unfortunately.

So my first thought, after reading your tale of woe, was that a few days on purpose is a result I would hope only to imagine but for you might just be the very thing.
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Emphasizing don't use Rogaine. I have a female relative, in her 60s, who has recently developed alopecia (just a bald spot on the back of her head). She asked the doc about Rogaine and he said once you start using it, you have to use it for life because once you stop, the hair loss gets worse. Don't take the risk.
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First, definitely go back to the salon and complain. They need to know they are doing something wrong. Something along the lines of "While New Lady was very professional, this was not at all what I described to her or asked for. I am not happy at all" should do it.

Second, definitely go with the good brow powder/brush/technique solution. Should help a little.

I've had a similar instance. The brow girl quit so the owner thought she could do it because she had seen it done so often before. It was like watching a penquin try to knit. I thought I was going to die. Never went back. I started using (and have had great success with) those Nair eyebrow wax strips at home.
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You don't have to hope they'll grow back. They will grow back. I've had my eyebrows waxed a hundred strange ways and within six weeks, they are always back to normal again. Really - try not to obsess about it, because before you know it, you'll be fine.
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My heart goes out to you. I too have suffered brow mishaps.

Lancome makes a lovely tinted brow gel. It does not have the harsh effect of the brow pencils. It would enhanse, thicken, and define what is left of your brows.

You can buy it at Sephora for $21.

I too suggest you demand a refund from the salon and ask them to pay for the brow gel.
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