The happiest of birthdays!
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[BirthdayFilter] I need to plan the best 21st birthday surprise/gift for my dearest friend.

My best friend (understatement of the year – this girl is my soultwin) is turning 21 in 6 weeks. I need to do something spectacular. Here are some particulars...

About Her
She's a student (studying English). She loves to write, paint, read, see plays, go to concerts, and do anything out of the ordinary (i.e. we go to the airport and watch arrivals often as a sort of entertainment - we're not 'dinner & a movie' folk). She works at a coffee shop. She likes indie music and films.

Ideas I've Had
- Hot Air Balloon Ride (pretty pricey)
- White Water Rafting (really, really pricey)
- Driving to Boston to see Tegan and Sara at a small venue in August
- Booking time off work for her to take her to Montreal for a weekend

We're both in Toronto. The less expensive the idea, the better. I'm a lowly student so I'm short on money, and she won't expect an extravagant gift (but I'd like to do something great). As well, she won't want me to spend a large sum of money because we're doing the quintessential backpacking-through-Europe thing when we graduate, and we're doing our best to save for it. I have a car, and weekends off. I can book a weekend off for her.

Bowling, local attractions (CN tower, ROM, AGO), paddle-boating, berry picking, and tattoos are out. We do those things regularly. I can't cook, and a nice dinner is not what I'm looking for. I'll probably incorporate some of the advice/ideas from here in a card or a letter. The idea does not have to include others, although I can invite people to go along with us as we have a group of friends who are usually included in birthday celebrations.

Help me, hive mind! Thanks in advance.
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I was given 21 gifts on my 21st bday. Maybe 21 poems written by you? 21 reasons you love her? 21 "why you're special" notes collected from friends and family?
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I like Ladyb's suggestion, and would also give her 21 small kindnesses--a manicure, an appetizer and drink at her favorite bar, a cherished book, an evening at the movies, etc.
Inexpensive and thoughtful to boot.
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A friend of mine was having a rough time of it and it was his 21st birthday on campus. I arranged ahead of time for 21 of his friends from all areas of his life (actually I think it ended up being a few more than 21) to grab a flower the night before and all through the day he got flowers from them. They each told him why he was so important to them and gave them to him in different ways.

Some found him during meals, others left things for him in classes he was attending. Some got other people to deliver their flower that he didn't know well, another person had a group of people sing to him. It was really neat to see him because all day he was walking around with at least one flower. He said he felt incredibly special.

Now granted, it takes a special guy to enjoy flowers like that - but something where you encourage a group of people to tell this person how awesome they are can be really special.
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