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A cousin is about to be ordained as a Methodist minister in South Carolina. What would be a good ordination gift?
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A vintage Wesleyian prayer/service book?

In fact, a quick search of eBay reveals lots of Wesleyan stuff.
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The Methodist church is big in the United Kingdom too, so be sure to search the UK eBay too.
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Don't give him a Bible. He'll get thirty-seven of those.
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Get him/her a cool stole. I have a bunch of Methodist ministers in my family, they all have multiple stoles depending on season and mood. It's sort of like wearing a fun tie at work.
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Stole is good.

A bottle of nice scotch is probably not a good gift if given publicly. Behind closed doors it might be quite welcome.
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(Liturgical season, not calendar season.)
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When one of our good friends became an ordained (Episcopalian) priest, among her favorite gifts were the Jesus and Moses action figures from Archie McPhee. But she's got an incredibly good sense of humor.
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I have a good friend who is a Roman Catholic Priest. At his ordination, I gave him a nice leatherbound and illuminated copy of Paradise Lost. I thought it appropriate, and he seemed to like it.
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Good for your cousin. Methodist ministers in South Carolina are pretty cool. I would recommend United Methodist Ministers In South Carolina Including A History Of South Carolina United Methodism.
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I am a United Methodist pastor, and a stole is a great gift. Here a couple of things to know:

Here in Virginia, those being ordained elder receive a gift of a red stole, so don't buy him that color.

Don't buy cheap stoles. They just fall apart.

Cokesbury is a good place to look. They also have retail stores where you can buy off the shelf. You can also call them at 1-800-672-1789 and they can send you a catalog that has many more stoles than what they offer online.

Another suggestion is to give him a one-year subscription to iPreach, which is an online theological library offered, again, at Cokesbury. One year costs $180, but it gives access to an $8000 theological library.

(I don't work for Cokesbury. They are just the retail portion of the United Methodist Publishing House).

Good luck!
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(What I meant to say earlier is that red is the liturgical color for ordination, so there is a good chance the ordinands will receive that color. Not to imply everyone does what Virginia does.

Also, apologies for calling your cousin "he." Upon rereading the question, I realize you did not specify, so he could be she).
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I thought of two more that are less pricey:

Search the web for "chalice and patten" (the cup and plate for communion). I love getting these.

Also, a piece of art from Michael Podesta is a nice gift as well.
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I personally recommend "Desiring God", a book by John Piper. It's an incredibly insightful book that I'm pretty sure just about any pastor would find useful.
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Are they a drinking Methodist?
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A nice portable communion set. You can find ones with 4 or so cups that are suitable for visitation.
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I don't know what your price range is, but in his place, I would find this pretty sweet. But then, I collect antique hymnals.
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A nice portable communion set.

Good suggestion.
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Seconding shadow vector on the portable Communion set. My late uncle Charles was a United Methodist minister. Someone gave him such a set and he loved it.

Also, my parents discovered a company (three decades ago; don't know what it was) that would put together a blank book with a hardcover and any title you wanted that started, "Everything I Know About Being..." and the folks finished that up with "a Minister." My uncle kept that prominently displayed in his home, every page blank, to his last day. (Of course, your cousin might choose to fill it in.)

Finally, I've discovered a bottle of OTC pain reliever a proper gift for most occasions, including becoming new parents.
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