Stove top cupcakes?
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It's Mother's Day soon... And I want to cook/bake my mum something - but I've got no oven! Suggestions?

I'd rather make her something for this day, however I'm not so good at the arts and crafts and she's probably had enough special drawings and cards from me over the years. I have 1 x microwave, and 4 x ceramic hobs. Plus the usual bowls and blenders and stuff. I can go out and buy ingredients. The only thing I've thought of so far is making some truffles. Do you guys have any other tasty suggestions/recipes based on my oven-less state?
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Steamed pudding?
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No-bake cookies? That could be nicely nostalgic, if she made them when you were a kid, but they're likely to be a North American thing. These are the ones that I've most frequently encountered.
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I was going to say that no-bake cookies are the classic (North American) solution to this problem, but dilettante beat me to it. This recipe will give you the metric conversions.

Something like a fruit tart could be easy and elegant: if you can get a prepared crust from a grocery store or bakery, you can fill it with fresh fruit in a pretty pattern and pour over a glaze.
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Thinking further along the fruit tart lines:

graham cracker crust, unbaked (I imagine you could substitute digestive biscuits if graham crackers are not available in your part of the world);

filled with a pudding of your choice (such as this);

and topped with berries or sliced fresh fruit or edible flowers or shaved chocoloate or what-have-you.
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chocoloate chocolate
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You can bake cakes(/cupcakes) or cookies in a microwave. Just google around for a recipe that suits your needs!
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Mars Bar Slice, or similar fridge-set recipes like No Bake Cheesecake or Peanut Butter Slice.
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Dark chocolate peanut butter cups. No-bake and really really good. Use the darkest finest chocolate you can afford.

disclaimer: sort of self-link, it's my wife's site
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Trifle. Needs a fridge, though.
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my god, derMax, that recipe of you're wife looks like my new favourite food.
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One minute molten chocolate muffins?

A pie crust of crumbled digestive biscuits and molten butter, topped with a high quality home made chocolate mousse. Let sit in the refrigerator and voilà... chocolate mousse pie. Decorate with spun sugar or chocolate decorations.

A pancake/crêpe pie? Bake pancakes from your favourite recipe and use your favourite filling.

Fruit mousse? For example, mix frozen strawberries, add sugar. Heat a small part of the fruit mixture and dissolve some gelatine. Mix the main part of the fruit mixture with whipped cream, put in glasses. Finish with a layer of the gelatine-fruitmix. If you have more time, you could alternate the gelatine-fruit and cream-fruit layers for a more stunning presentation. Decorate to your liking.

Chocolate squares? Melt some chocolate with some butter and mix in broken digestive biscuits and a few raisins. Let cool in the refrigerator en cut into squares.

Bake waffles?

If you're going with the truffles, maybe include some chocolate-dipped strawberries and a bottle of champagne for a nice luxurious gift?
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Paula Deen's Banana Pudding is my favorite recipe ever. I try to avoid using the oven or stove because I tend to burn things or catch them on fire. All you need besides the ingredients are a big bowl and a whisk (or electric beater). If y'all don't have Pepperidge Farm cookies, Chessmen are just fancy-looking shortbread cookies. You could find cute heart-shaped cookies or something similar.
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By the way, my last sentence wasn't intended to be snarky or imply that a luxurious gift would be better. I simple meant to say that a lot of people like truffles and strawberries together with champagne, and the strawberries were something you could make without an oven.

Or how about panna cotta or crème brulée (if you have a blowtorch)?
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