Where can I find a special effects makeup artist to do a demo for teens in L.A.?
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Where can I find a special effects makeup artist in the Los Angeles area who would be willing to do a demo for a room full of teens for a cheap-ish price?

I have no event planning experience, nor am I a trained librarian. I'm just a part time library assistant. Now I've been put in charge of the teen component of the summer reading program at my library in southeast Los Angeles (15 minutes south of downtown) and I need to find someone who can do a presentation. It would be done some time in July, and since it's still early, I have some flexibility regarding time/date. Ideally, I'd like the person to do a demo on one or two people. There will probably be between 10-30 kids. My last event, how to draw Manga and comics, had about 10 kids. I'm trying to do something a little more interesting this time. The theme is "You Never Know" and we're going in the UFOs/unsolved mysteries/aliens/urban legends direction. Who can I contact to find someone? Is there a special effects makeup school that would have wiling students? Are there Hollywood professionals who would be willing to do a presentation for around $150? (Price is negotiable, but I have to run everything by the Library Director.) If so, where do I find them? Can I call a movie or tv studio and ask? What department do I ask for?

Please give me any ideas you have. If you have a friend who might be interested, you can email me privately (see profile) with their phone number or email address. Thanks, everybody!
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Talk to the people at Cinema Secrets in Toluca Lake.
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I can't really tell from your question if you are looking for a makeup artist or a prosthetic makeup artist. I am guessing it is the latter.

If it is the former, you can try the makeup artist academy or post your request here. Maybe some of the students and new artists would like to expand their portfolios and will do it for free. Alternatively, you can call a makeup artists agency.

If it is the latter, try BoneyardFx, maybe they can point you in the right direction.

Perhaps any of the above would be willing to help for a reduced fee since it is a good cause? Or maybe I am just an idealist :)
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There is also MUD in Burbank. Or you might try posting in the gigs section of losangeles.craigslist.org.
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There might be problems with union rules. A lot of Hollywood unions have minimum rates and don't permit their members to work for less than that. (That might not apply to the academy mentioned above, however.)
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Joe Blasco
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