I should really wonder about other things. But I don't.
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80sTVShow/FantasyFilter: Sword and Sorcery. At the end of each episode (?), the image would freeze and covert to a painting of said image. That's all I remember. I was 7 or 8 at the time so this would make it around 1985 or so. So. Yeah. That's all you get. Go to it, Mefites.

On further thought, it might not have been the end of each episode...maybe the end of each commercial break.

And maybe...just maybe it was a sci-fi made for tv movie. I don't know.
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That sounds more like Night Gallery than anything else.
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This sounds oddly familiar to me.
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Possibly The Storyteller?

Not really swords and sorcery, but a re-telling of old-world fairy tales. Much of the work was done in animated and still paintings.
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I should add that the Storyteller was a Jim Henson affair, so the muppets should be a dead giveaway...
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Best answer: Was it Wizards & Warriors?
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Totally not the answer, but I thought of Family Ties.
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Best answer: You can see the intro here.
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Yeah adipocere, that does sound like the Night Gallery show, I think it was running on the "Super Station" channel 17 as reruns on cable about that time. Unfortunately IMDB doesn't tell you if it was running when ryecatcher was a kid.

Do you remember if there was this odd, lanky fellow that had a very distinctive voice, black hair and sometimes smoked a ciggie? He kind of "hosted" the show. His name was Rod Serling. Take a look at him and see if it rings any bells.
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I think justkevin's got it. Check out The Land of Aperans: The Haven for Wizards and Warriors... you know, just to be sure.
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Best answer: Definitely Wizards and Warriors. You can see the freeze to painting transition at around 3:40 in this Youtube clip.
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Response by poster: Justkevin....man, I owe you a drink. If you're ever in the LA area you let me know.

Thanks so much.

And thanks to everyone else as well.
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Thanks as well, and you should mark best answer!
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Response by poster: Will do, Roach. Thanks for the reminder.
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FWIW, this was also done (first) in the show Wild Wild West.
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