Chilling on the Portuguese coast
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What are some nice small-to-medium cities on the Portuguese coast to spend a week or two? And how can I find places (apartments/homes) to rent there from the US?
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Response by poster: Oh - this would likely be for a relaxed honeymoon.
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I haven't been there for many years, but I remember enjoying Lagos quite a bit. Here's the first relevant hit on google.
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I actually just booked a place in Lisbon so I have some related links, though mostly Lisbon. Here's two that cover Portugal:


Holiday Lettings

I've only been on the Silver Coast and up north to small towns like Obidos. I know though that most of the tourist action is in the Algarve down south. I have been told by a Portuguese person that their favorite town in the Algarve is Tavira.
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Oh, while in Obidos I stayed in one of the towers of the town's castle. Photos here.
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VRBO is another house/villa rental site. We rented the villa I linked to (in the Sintra/Cascais area) and it was great.
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Also, if you do go to the Algarve, I suggest flying into Faro. It's a long drive across inland Portugal if you fly into Lisbon.
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Is Porto not mid-sized?

If so, perhaps Aveiro? It's a university town of less than 100,000 people (according to Wikipedia). I know nothing else about it, but it's coastal, pretty close to Porto, and presumably, like all things in Portugal, pretty nice.

Aveiro also might have some free housing during university breaks.
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I'm Portuguese. Off the beaten path I would recommend:

Moledo do Minho
(up North close to Spain) - rental sites here and here.

Zambujeira do Mar - Alentejo Coast - rentals here.

These are villages. If you want cities, go to Tavira in the Algarve as mentioned above or Figueira da Foz (close to Aveiro).

More rental sites (in portuguese) and in english.

If you need any further help feel free to email me at mundodeclaudia at the gmail thing.
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Response by poster: Awesome, thanks.
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Obidos is nice and has wedding connotations, but it is not actually on the coast. Porto may or may not be medium sized (compared to what?), but I'd say it's a businesslike city, not really a holiday place. I'd second Figueira da Foz, unless you want the Algarve.
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I third Figueira da Foz. The small city has amazing beaches, and a national forest filled with pine and eucalyptus. The city center is great. There are a few museums, a pretty lively nightclub scene, great restaurants and I think there's a casino. They have a bullfighting arena and a small soccer team.

Also, it's a quick trip to Montemor-o-Velho, with its ancient castle and amazing market (ask the locals for the day it is held, I think it's on Mondays). It's also a quick 30-40 minute trainride to historic Coimbra.

My family is from Portugal, and we have had a beach home in Figueira for years.
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Lagos is definitely a good spot - quite laid back but there is some action, and easy drives to some really knockout beaches. Owners Direct is a good suggestion or Palmer and Parker
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