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I will be participating in a Nerf gun war next Friday. What gun do I get??

They've allocated a max of $15 for weapon and ammo. I cannot borrow one. Which one should I get within the short time span and price limit? I am not sure if I need to stick with a Nerf brand gun yet. (If not, I'm thinking I can get a disc shooter?) What are your suggestions? It will be an indoor war within a building. Thanks!!
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My favorite Nerf gun was the crossbow. I just checked ebay, and they don't have the one I'm thinking of.

If I was going with something modern, maybe the longshot.
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FYI - My son has the Nerf Maverick Rev-6 and it stinks - the darts jam in the cylinder all the time.
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extra ammo will be key, probably.
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Oh and some reviews if you are looking for what to find.

Personally I always carried a secret shot as a back up because it was very accurate. Then some bigger gun that didn't require as much reloading.

PS both the links offer mods to gun on parts of their sites.
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Sling 'em by hand, or build a slingshot.
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I wonder if an Airzooka could neutralize incoming threats.
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Me and my friends spent years playing nerfwars in our youth...

Usually, Arrows were most accurate, and had best range (as long as the ammo was true)... balls and darts most plentiful, balls being least accurate. My fave was always the 6 full arrow pump blaster...

The more automatic dart guns with clips were pretty good also, having one gun and a backup for close range was always essential.
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I'm sad to hear the new Maverick is no good. The old Maverick (back when it was mostly purple instead of yellow) was definitely the best nerf gun ever, with the possible exception of the new sniper rifle.

Evidently it's possible to dismantle the sniper rifle, install a more powerful spring, and get even more ridiculous range out of the thing, but that might be a bit more effort than you're interested in.

The Wildfire used to the creme de la creme of nerf weaponry, as it was (and still is, I think) the only fully automatic nerf gun. On the downside, it takes forever to reload, as no quick reloading mechanism such as a clip, is incredibly loud, inaccurate, and prone to breakage. But if you can find one on the cheap, they are pretty impressive the first time you fire off a hail of 20 darts in 4 or 5 seconds.

Whatever you do, don't get the Firefly. I had one and it's worthless. The cylinder is open in the front so darts tend to fall right out when you're running around. The Maverick is cheaper and better (although you might have to dig around to find an old style Maverick).
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Gee, my kid loves his Maverick. Only cost about $7 at Wal-Mart, which leaves plenty of your budget left for ammo.
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I don't think $15 will get you very far with actual Nerf brand guns. You should definitely check on that. As mentioned, between balls, darts, and arrows, balls are definitely the worst choice. The only advantage would probably bet cost/ball so you can afford more extras.

Also, I would say DIY definitely is a viable option, if it turns out to be allowed. You might be able to make a cheap but effective gun yourself with some PVC or something, and a spring. It will probably be more awkward than a manufactured one.

Another thing to consider is if it is going to be just every man for himself, of if there will be teams. And if teams will change. If there will be teams, I would suggest everyone planning ahead of time for someone to get a good long range weapon, someone a short range one, someone a more multi purpose one.
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No clue how to make one, but this is totally badass.
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Oh man the wildfire was awesome! i loved my arrowstorm also... Just not enough ammo for the long haul...

sigh... good times...
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I used to have a 10-shot with a straight clip, rather than a barrel and it worked well.

But if I needed a new gun I'd definately extend my budget enough to get the sniper rifle.
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I have a Nerf Maverick, and it's fucking amazing. Several of us at work have 'em. If newer revisions suck, well, I can't comment on that. But the originals are absolutely rocking.

They're so powerful that we wondered how long it would be until the Consumer Products Safety Commission had them yanked.
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I'm going to vote for the Maverick. It's standard issue at work. It's cheap and accurate. The jamming problem mentioned above occurs in two situations - using Nerf velcro darts (don't do that) and using normal darts but not pushing them completely into their cylinders.

Avoid velcro darts and load properly and you will have minimal jamming.
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Nerf guns are real big where I work. I don't have one of my own but we took a couple of cute demo videos when someone brought in the chain gun. One. Two.
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Best answer: Ok, last summer I had some extensive Nerf Wars with some friends in my new apartment. I can tell you that the Maverick is pretty good as far as shooting off a bunch of darts without having to reload, though reloading it takes a bit longer than some other guns. My weapon of choice though, would be dual-wielding N-Strike Nite Finder EX-3. $6 dollars each, according to the official website,
and Target or Walmart should definitely have them. You can probably find a cheap pack of additional darts as well. I'd say it's by far the most accurate gun, along with the greatest speed through the air. The reload is quick, though its only single shot for each load. The gun is light and can be tucked into a pocket if needed, as opposed to the larger, more unwieldy maverick. If I was going into Nerf warfare, two Nite Finders would definitely be my pick.
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In case it hasn't been mentioned yet, it's rather easy to find nerf guns at thrift stores (or at least the ammo). This might equal you with maximum firepower.
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Helpful tip - you can buy a wide variety of nerf darts in bulk from Hasbro's web site, Amazon, or via eBay. The sonic micros are the best - they are aerodynamic and fly far and make a fear-inducing whistling sound.

If you go through a lot of ammo, buy home-made darts on eBay in qty 50 or 100. Make sure that these are for stock guns - many of these darts are made for guns that have had the air restrictors removed. The air restrictor is the plastic post that you impale the dart on when you load it. Modified guns don't have these posts, and the darts made for these guns are solid foam and won't fit a regular gun.

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Buy two Nerf Nite Finders.
Crack them open and remove the air restrictors.
Feel free to replace the barrel so you can make your own darts.
Hacksaw off the ammo holders.
The laser is *fairly* accurate if you sight it in at your desired distance. But you only get about 15 feet out of it. Feel free to replace the laser assembly with your own custom laser pointer.
I can stick a dart to the wall across my house (~55ft). Add a couple rubber bands to really slam the plunger down, and you can add even more distance.
I bought two of them or my son and I and we love pegging each other with them.
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Two guns, a barrel, and a bunch of ammo shouldn't cost too much more than 15 bucks. Backing rod is pretty cheap.
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