Did Ellington ever play East Carrollton PA?
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Looking for a Duke Ellington recording for my uncle. Unfortunately, he is not able to provide many details. Googling has gotten me nowhere; Ellington's oeuvre is vast, it seems...

Here is what I have from my uncle: It was a live recording made in "East Carrollton," PA. One of the songs is Stardust.

I don't think there even is an East Carrollton PA. Maybe it was Carlton?

He's getting on in years and is not as mentally organized as he used to be. Pressing him for more details has not been a success. He is distraught over the loss of this recording (a cassette, which he has worn out) and is looking to the younger generation (heh) to dredge it up from the miracle well of Google. I tried, but this is beyond me. I'm counting on the vast experience of the hive mind to save the day. Hope me, MeFi, please!
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Best answer: There's a Carrolltown , in "East Carroll Township," near Altoona. And check this out. Looks like it was released as ''Duke Ellington: All Star Road Band' on the Doctor Jazz label.'
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Best answer: If that's the right one, here it is on Amazon.
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Best answer: I dug around over at the Duke Ellington Panorama in the Sessions section and found the following recording:

June 1, 1957. Carrolltown, Pa.
Dance Date at the Sunset Ballroom.

Duke Ellington & His Orchestra: Shorty Baker, Willie Cook, Ray Nance, Clark Terry, t; Quentin Jackson, Britt Woodman, tb; John Sanders, vtb; Jimmy Hamilton, cl, ts; Johnny Hodges, as; Russell Procope, as, cl; Paul Gonsalves, ts; Harry Carney, bs; Duke Ellington, p; Joe Benjamin, b; Sam Woodyard, d.

AS2:1 Take The "A" Train
AS2:2 Take The "A" Train
[Ray Nance, vocal]
AS2:3 Such Sweet Thunder
AS2:4 Frustration
AS2:5 Cop Out
AS2:6 Perdido
AS2:7 Mood Indigo
AS2:8 Bassment
AS2:9 Sophisticated Lady
AS2:10 Stardust
AS2:11 Jeep's Blues
AS2:12 All Of Me
AS2:13 Diminuendo And Crescendo In Blue
AS2:14 I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)
AS2:15 On The Sunny Side Of The Street

I'm not sure where you might find a new copy of the recording (perhaps other Mefites can help with that), but I think that's what you're looking for.
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My landlord is a well-known jazz musician (trumpet) who's played with everyone since the 40's. He knew all the greats and has the most amazing record collection I've ever seen, filled with out-of-print, never-released, etc., albums. He's going to let me digitize the lot (once I figure out the best way to do it).

Anyway, if you could find a few more details it's possible I could find it in his collection. Was it an all Ellington recording? Year? If we couldn't find that particular recording, I bet we could find something else that makes your uncle happy. My email's in my profile; drop me a line.
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Ack, shoulda previewed.
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Response by poster: Ha! I knew it! You guys are amazing. Many, many thanks!
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Aww, you guys! sniff! (seriously you have teh awesome)
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