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I took a photo of this doll when I was on holiday in Japan (because it's the spitting image of someone I know). What is it? Where can I find more information/photos/videos anything?
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Just out of curiosity, did you take this in Nakano Broadway? I swear I've seen this store before.
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Nakano Broadway is the best place in the universe! Since the next two photos in the flickr stream were taken in Mandarake the chances are good, but I guess it might have been one of the other Mandarakes.

Is this photo cropped at all? Because there might be a clue in the writing on the label on the mannequin's chest, and if you have a photo with more writing it may be easier to solve.
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Best answer: According to my coworkers, it's the character "makotochan" from a comic by Umezu Kazuo. That should give you enough to google up quite a bit.
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Here's the Japanese to help with Google image search: "まことちゃん" (copy and paste that)

(If that shows up as boxes or question marks, shame on you. Install a proper unicode font)
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Yeah, it's Makoto-Chan.
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Response by poster: Yes it was indeed taken in a Mandarake (Shibuya)! Thanks Bugbread.
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No worries: thanks belong to my coworkers, not me.
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