Multi-use furniture
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Looking for a furniture store/website mentioned in ask.mefi that I can't seem to find...

Not too long ago, someone was asking about multi-use furniture for small spaces. Someone commented, recommending a store that I think fulfilled these criteria: a hip design store that specialized in affordable (as in things in the $50-$400 range) multi-use form/functional furniture for small apartments. I believe the flagship store was located somewhere in the Lower East Side of Manhattan but they had online ordering available. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
Thanks for your help-
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This thread?

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I don't know from Manhattan, but in Chicago there's CB2, which is an off shoot of Crate & Barrel. They have two stores in Chicago and a web space at
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No, it's not in the rug thread. It's not DWR (way too expensive) or cb2. It was an independent store of some kind.
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Maybe efstyle, from this thread?
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Thanks iconomy. It was tinyliving which I found in a non-descript link in that thread.
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Thanks greta simone for re:finding that cool catalog site!
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(As an aside, I think this probably should've been posted in MetaTalk.)
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You're right loiseau. Oopsie.
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Yeah, loiseau is right on, but all's well that etc.
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