where can I find the right frames for these large pictures?
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where can I find the right frames for these large pictures?

I have a few rather large prints (1,2,3) that I just can't seem to find the right frames for.

I like simple dark ones, like the center one in this picture (not the silver ones). dark wood frames with a couple inches separating the actual print from the border. the only shop who had the right frames wanted around $150 per frame, which I didn't think was appropriate for these.

I am in chicago but am willing to order online, if necessary.

the prints are 22"x28" and 26" wide by 33.1" high.
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If the frames themselves don't need to be fancy, just get big frames from Ikea or what have you, and have the frame shop make custom mats for you to create the "border" the way you'd like it. Way cheaper than getting the whole kit/kaboodle custom made, and it'll look great.
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Go to the local Hobby Lobby or what-have-you. They'll have all manner of large frames. Check out the prices, and if they're not 50% off, leave. Those places have sales on frames about once a month. When you *are* there when they're having a sale, get something that will allow for at least 2", maybe 3", all around. Then, sometime when they have custom framing on sale, have them cut mats for you. The premade-frames-sans-glass seem to go on sale slightly more often than the frames that come with glass; in this case you'd have to have the Hobby Lobby peons cut you a piece of glass, too.

Another option for the frames, if you want something with a bit more customization to the prints themselves, and don't mind skinny frames, is the do-it-yourself style frames at aforementioned hobby shops. You pick out a width size, and get a pair of frame sides for that. THen pickout the height, and get a pair of frame sides for that. THen matting as above.
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Watch out with the big IKEA frames though. They seem to get banged up a lot on the store floor, and if you don't pay close attention, you might get home and find the bottom corner on one is bashed in. (I did.)
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I've used Frames By Mail several times, and their prices and quality has always been pretty good. They're not selling museum-quality frames by any means, but you can choose the exact custom size you want. I think they should be pretty good for what you want to do.

I'd stay far, far away from Ikea frames, though. From my experience their quality is horrible.
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I use American Frame and Frame Destination. Play around with American Frame's interactive frame design shop and use your own images as an example. Both use acrylic instead of glass (you can get UV-safe acrylic), which cuts down the price considerably.

One note: the frames you need will probably exceed the standard max size for shipping (length + width > 54" for UPS, iirc), so you might be forced to pay extra.
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