Recommend some games with low computer requirements.
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Recommend a computer game that will work smoothly on my computer.

I have a pretty low power IBM laptop (integrated graphics card, but alright RAM and processor), but I want some good games to play.

I tend to like strategy and RTS. Shadow President, Capitalism Plus, Civilization 2, C&C Red Alert are among my favorites.
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What's "pretty low power"? (CPU speed? Laptop model?)
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I'd just play the truly great classic games. Ever tried Starcraft?
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Open TTD. Bonus: If you can, uh 'find' the .GRF and SAMPLE.CAT file from an original Microprose Transport Tycoon Delux game, it's free. TTD is now 'abandonware'.
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Half life runs on crap hardware. It's quite possibly the greatest FPS ever, and certainly defined much of the genre. Deus Ex is another good one that doesn't require much hardware
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nethack is THE game for minimal computer usage.
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Civ III can run on pretty basic hardware and is not 3d accelerated. Same with all the old Sierra citybuilder games like Caesar, Pharaoh, etc.
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Response by poster: 1.8 ghz dual core processor, 512 MB RAM
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Your idea of "low power" is... different than everyone else's so far, at least. All the answers so far look to have figured that your laptop was at least several years old.

(As is my knowledge of computer gaming, alas, but my guess would be that only the most cutting-edge games would present problems, and even those would be tunable for lower graphics performance. But people that know better can answer better than I can!)
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Heh. That's not a low-powered computer. At all. Play anything... you might have some issues with 3d accelerated ray-traced games, but just set the graphics lower and rawk.

As an alternative, raid the $5 bin at your local used games store. You'll be able to run anything in that bin.
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* Have you tried the Heroes of Might & Magic series? HOMM5 is out, but the graphics requirements might be a bit much for a laptop. HOMM4 would probably run fine, if you can find it.
* Age of Empires III
* And of course, to second philomatoholic, nethack is the greatest computer game ever made. And it runs on anything.
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How about anything from the (excellent turn-based strategy) Master of Orion series? Even Master of Orion III, which came out in the last few years, will run on a low-spec system.
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It can probably handle Civ4, if you scale the graphic details back, and maybe settle for a 'small' planet, unless you're willing to tolerate a low framerate (not so important in a turn-based game).

FreeCiv is a pretty viable alternative to the Microprose games.

And of course there's 'abandonware' (like Colonization, which will probably never be re-released).

Emulating a Playstation or Super Nintendo can be amusing for awhile, too, if they weren't the dominant platforms of your console-gaming golden age.
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Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 and the expansions should run very well. That's a truly great game.

The Gametap service is full of classic games; it would be an excellent choice as well.
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Galactic Civilizations.
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Since you mentioned RTS, I second Starcraft if you haven't played it.
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Second Galactic Civilizations II.
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Oh, second Heroes of Might and Magic also. HOMM5 will NOT run on that laptop, don't even try it, it chugs on my radeon x800 desktop. Don't try 4 either, it's a waste and the redhaired stepchild of the series. Get Heroes 3 complete, it's by far the pinicle of the series and has minimal graphic requirement. Its down to like $20 too with 3 expansion packs.
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If you like turn based strategy, I would recommend Dominions 3

The graphics are dated (which good for you), but the gameplay is great and the vastness of the game is amazing. The game models just about everything that has ever appeared in a fantasy book, from LoTR to Camelot to Beowulf to Lovecraft to the Three Kingdoms to The Black Company. All it is lacking is cat-people, and that's probably a good thing.
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I have a 2.4 Ghz, 1 Gig of RAM, and a (rather weak) 128 meg graphics card. Your graphics card is key. 128 is the bare minimum for a lot of newish games, and anything higher is better.

Some of the newest games I try don't work at all or are very sluggish. But some games run surprisingly well. I have an nVidia card, and some games are made to run best with that brand. FarCry and Half-Life 2 ran perfectly on my machine, but Doom 3 was sluggish as hell.
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Dungeon Keeper 2 is great, but might be too old...
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Total Annihilation is a) a ground-breaking RTS that's a hell of a lot of fun, and b) pretty old and ran on a Pentium 600 with no graphics card if I recall correctly.
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Definitely seconding Total Annihilation. You can get it very cheap, and if you look around there are still plenty of free add ons available for download.
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Get into emulating old game consoles/computers. The emulators don't require a powerful machine, but the games are still very playable today.
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Total Annihilation:Spring is an open-source recreation of Total Annihilation. Unfortunately, single-player just isn't really there yet, and it focuses on multiplayer, but it is a lot of fun.
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Worms2 is a late nineties turn-based strategy game that meets your requirements.
posted by Jeff Howard at 8:16 AM on April 28, 2007 This site might help, it scans your computer to see what games it will run.
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A bit older, but the original Medieval: Total War's minimum system requirements are:

- 3D Hardware Accelerator Card - 100% DirectX8.1 compatible 16MB video card
- PII 350
- 128MB RAM

Your onboard GPU should be sufficient.

UFO: Aftermath's requirements are:

- PIV 2GHz
- 64MB nVidia GeForce 4MX/ATI Radeon 9300
- 256MB RAM

Which you might be able to meet.
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Might seem an obvious suggestion seeing as how you play the original, but Red Alert 2 is such a fun game. It is quite possibly unbestable for pure RTS multiplayer gameplay. It compares very favourable to the newly released C&C3 and will run on really old hardware because it's an old game.

Just don't expect multiplayer gaming over the internet to work easily Hamachi or no Hamachi. I recommend Kali for that!
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Deus Ex
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The Age of Empires and Empire Earth games are RTS with a hint of Civilization. They seem to be a perfect fit for you.
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Ok, it's not really an isometric strategy type game...but as far as I'm concerned it's one of the greatest multiplayer games I've ever played: Soldat.
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AGD Interactive has remixes of the first two King's Quest games available for free. Highly recommended.
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