The pope is angered by your attack on...
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Name that game: You're a feudal lord trying to conquer neighboring territories on a sort of RISK-style board. Make the wrong move and you'll enrage the pope.

I played this around 1994 and Google is apparently completely unable to help. If you can name that title, I'll be your best friend forever.
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Best answer: Castles and Castles 2: Siege and Conquest had lots of Pope-enraging / Pope-appeasement, and would be around the right time period. Pretty fun, too!
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Response by poster: There's the one! That was much too easy. Thanks.
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That game was awesome.
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Jinkeez is of course right. Castles II had the larger map with other feudal kingdoms, whereas Castles I was more simply a castle design/construction game if I remember correctly.

Also, the first computer games I ever fell in love with!
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Hey, I remember that game! I don't think I cared much about the pope, though - I was much more interested in simply building the coolest castle I could.

Another more modern game where you can enrage, but also attack or control the Pope (to excommunicate anyone you don't like) is Crusader Kings. Be warned, though - it's as addictive as crack.
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Machiavelli the Prince was kind of like that IIRC. been a while.
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There was also Lords of Realm (and two sequels). It's set in England so there was no pope there, but you can enrage the Bishop (or Baron or Countess or Knight [the NPCs]).

And you can hurl classic one-liners such as "You look like a toad. On second thought, that's an insult to toads. You look worse." at your enemies.
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