Sitcom with an infected pierced ear?
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My roommate and I are going insane trying to think of a sitcom (or possibly movie) we watched a few months ago where a male character gets a pierced ear, and it becomes grotesquely infected and swollen. The sitcom was likely single camera, and, if we remember correctly, fairly contemporary. It's equally likely to be British or American. Our first guess was Arrested Development, but it looks like that isn't the case. Your assistance will likely save us ours of frustration. Thanks!
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Best answer: There was a Two and Half Men episode from this season, first aired January 8 2007, where Allan had a pierced ear that was badly infected, so that could be it. I had it pierced to impress Berta's daughter, see Castrating Sheep In Montana.
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Best answer: I am embarrassed to know this (possibly) but I believe that it was an episode of Two and a Half Men. Jon Cryer's character gets his ear pierced and it swells up grotesquely. The only reference to the episode that I can find is here, though it doesn't mention the swelling.
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Response by poster: That is EXACTLY it. Thank you so much!
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Where by "I had it pierced ..." I mean "Alan had his ear pierced ...", of course. And the title should be "Two and a Half Men", double of course. Oh well.

On preview: Yeah, horsemuth, it was hard to find which episode it was because none of the quotes or descriptions make a reference to the piercing it self. I finally found it from Sounds Bites which had "pierced" in their quote from the episode, and since it said the time period of the episodes, I was able to find the exact episode. For some reason, I kept thinking it was from an earlier season.
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This happened on the Cosby Show too (Theo), but I guessed you'd have remembered if it was that!
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