Lactose morose!
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Where can lactose (preferably goat's lactose) be purchased in U.S.?

I have a breadmaker friend who needs lactose sugars for his bread. He lives in Los Angeles, works his buns off, lacks the time to do research and is unable to find a source in Los Angeles County.
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Best answer: Any local homebrew shop will carry it. Or visit Northern Brewer or William's Brewing.
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Seconding the homebrew store advice.
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Best answer: Or if he'd rather shop local, here's a list of LA-area homebrew stores.
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Your local health food store should carry it. I believe Bob's Mills and Now both make it and in the case of Now it can be ordered as an individual pack.
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FYI, lactose is a pure sugar so there's no difference between lactose from a goat and from anywhere else.
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What pombe says is correct, though I suspect that if "goat lactose" exists, it's really just a protein-free fraction of goat's milk whey.
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As we do not live in a world of Plantonic Ideals, I believe it's more accurate to say lactose is a sugar purified from milk; for anyone with an allergy to cow's milk, but not to goat's, the distinction between sources is likely to be one with a difference.
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jamjam: actually, what's really accurate is to say that lactose is a disaccharide composed of one molecule of galactose and another of glucose bonded together. It could just as well be synthesized industrially as purified from any sort of milk.
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rkent: do you actually know of any synthetic lactose that's available in bulk quantities? Milk is cheap.
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