Printing Problem in IE
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When I print a page in IE, the ends of the lines are often cut off at the right. I've set the left page margin as narrow as possible, but it still happens.

This usually happens when there's an extra column at the left of the web page, but even a purely text page sometimes spills off the right side.

A kludgy workaround is to copy the page into Word, but that means a lot of reformatting.
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Did you try File/Page Setup/Orientation=Landscape?
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Are you using IE7? I was under the impression this was fixed that release.
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Seconding the landscape printing method. It's the easiest method to solving this problem, failing a 'Print This Page' link somewhere on the pages you plan to print.
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IE7 indeed fixes this longtime bug, but that only helps on systems that can run IE7.

When I'm at work, and I have this trouble printing a page, copy and paste it into Word, then print it.
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You can select the text and then choose "Selection" under Page Range in the Print dialogue
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Also, if you're printing on A4 paper, make sure IE doesn't think it's supposed to be using Letter.
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The best free solution I've found for IE6 is Adrian Bateman's fit-width print plugin.

The direct download link is, which will attempt to install an active x control. Permit the install and you should have a new print button on your IE toolbar that will shrink a website to the selected page size.
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