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How do I address a few hundred newletters from a mailing database?

I have an 11x17 graphical newsletter, and 1/4th of one side of it is destined for an address. How can I take this file from InDesign and merge it with a mailing database so I can have the address automatically added and printed when I run these off?
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Print it twice?

Print them all from indesign, then feed it through the printer again and print with some office program that lets you do the mail merge thing.
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Best answer: This is really easy. On the InDesign Help menu, type in Data Merge. "Basic Steps for Merging Data" will walk you through every step.

Basically, you create a database with all your names and addresses in it. You add the merge fields into your InDesign document (using the palette available at Window --> Automation --> Data Merge), then create the "merged" document which you print out. Presto!
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