Is there a Pencil equivalent to the Space Pen?
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Is there a Pencil equivalent to the Space Pen?

I love my Fisher Space Pen but I'm finding I need a mechanical pencil with me more and more often and I was hoping there would be a small pencil and can manage the where and tear of a pocket. Anybody have any recommendations?

The Graf von Faber-Castell Twisting Pencil looks pretty good, but there's no way I'd put that kind of money into a pencil. The closest thing I can find is the Zebra Mini Pencil which appears to be pretty good but the body looks a little thin and maybe not the easiest to hold.

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Best answer: looks like pilot makes a series of them.
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Gosh, I know I had something that was perfect for you back in junior high. It was red and made by Zebra. You could press down on the pocket clip and it would spring down to about half its original size. The poky part that the lead came out of disappeared into the other half of the pencil, so it didn't poke your leg. I suspect they still make something like this, but it doesn't look like their website shows any of their retractable pencils in their retracted state. You'd have to go to an office supply or stationery store to take a look and make sure it was what you wanted.

Anyway, then you'd get the pocketability, but also it would become a normal-sized pencil when you wanted to actually write anything with it.
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Most pencils will write upside down and in zero gravity.
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I think chrisWhite is looking for mechanical pencils similar to the Telescoping Space Pen.
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Best answer: I really like the Lamy black/palladium pencil that I got from Joon.

I got the thick lead one (3.15 mm) and get envious comments about it all the time.

Great short pencil (just slightly longer than a closed space pen, I have one of those too :) and very durable.

It's a bit expensive, but not much more than a space pen, and a lot less than the one you mention above.
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How about one of these:

Fisher Quad Pen

Ya got yer space pen and mechanical pencil right there. Any of the 4 slots can hold any of the Fisher universal (long and thin) refills, PDA stylus, mech pencil, they even an orange highlighter...
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Response by poster: You guys rock!

Jourman2, that looks like the perfect pencil to try on a budget, I'll definitly start with it and see if I like it.

crinklebat, that sounds interesting, I've been to several office supply stores and I never saw anything like that, maybe the packaging just doesn't show it off very well but I'll keep my eyes open.

rhizome, that they due, but they just lack that permanent dark line a good pen lays down—which is also why I want to keep a pencil on hand for marking up books ;-)

Freshgroundpepper, the Joon pencil definitely looks like what I'd really like, very professional and it looks it would be great to write with. I used to be very bad about loosing things in my pocket, but I've kept my Bullet safe for almost half a year now so I think I'd feel comfortable getting something that priced. Thanks!
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Response by poster: Scheptech, I've had a couple of those dual/tri/quad action pens before and all of them seemed really poor quality, I would bet Fisher is a litter better about their but I'm still a bit worried about it. If I can find one in stores love to see how solidly it's constructed.
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Ah - Space Pen vs Pencil
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Best answer: These look like they may be what you're looking for.

I haven't tried one so i'm not sure how well they write.
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The Pilot is great value-for-money, though if you're looking for something a little more durable, eBay generally has vintage Conway Stewart Nippy No. 3 pencils at reasonable prices. They're more 'inside jacket pocket' than 'jeans pocket', but they're beautifully balanced things. (And even if they don't float your boat, the linked blog is worth a look for its mech-pencil reviews.)
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Response by poster: jbroome, that looks perfect, just the right price range and classy looking. I still think I'll keep the Joon on my indulgence list, but I'm definitely going to order the Tornado Elite.

holgate, those look nice, thanks for the recommendation and the blog link. Amazing what people will write about, I love (and loathe) the web. ;-)
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