best moisturizer after hair-removal cream?
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what is the best way to moisturize after using a hair-removal cream?

I use creams to get rid of hair on my arms. My skin becomes quite red and irritated after (which is understandable, since i'm using chemicals to dissolve hair). I used just regular body lotions to soothe the skin (e.g. Keri lotion), but they don't seem to cut it. For some reason, the lotion does not get absorbed as usual, instead - it just forms a greasy layer and sits on my skin. It doesn't feel soothing either. So I'm sitting here with greasy arms that leave greasy marks on everything I touch. :)

I thought of baby oil, but i think it will do the same thing... It feels too oily and greasy for the job. Any suggestions?

P.S. I live in Canada.
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When you use a depilatory on your face, the kit sometimes comes with a lotion that contains collagen, to help soothe the skin. See if you can find one.
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Often, the depilatory lotions contain ingredients to lessen irritation, and occasionally, moisturizers of their own. Right afterwards, it tends to feel like there's a film on one's skin, and that might be what's now allowing your other moisturizer to absorb.

Try some aloe vera gel if you can find it. That might help soothe since your skin might be sensitive to the corrosive nature of the chemicals too.
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Although it tends to work well with waxing (so I'm not sure if it'll have the same effect on creams), but I'd suggest eating some Tums right before doing the procedure.
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itchie- really? I'd never heard of that!
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