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I've been reading about biofeedback lately, specifically as a tool for relaxation and increasing my ability to focus for longer periods of time. Has anyone had any experiences with using biofeedback in this way?

I have a new ibook, and I'm tempted to get Wild Divine, which, despite all the new-agey trappings, looks like it would make a cool biofeedback system.

I've also seen the GSR2 for sale on Ebay.

So I guess what I'm asking is, behind all the marketing is this genuinely useful, can I do it on my own, and are there any good biofeedback tools that are affordable that work with or without OS X?

ah poop. Came across quite a bit of discussion of biofeedback in various usenet groups. Apparently there aren't a lot of good double blind studies out there supporting it, at least as an ADD treatment.
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It's not directly related, but you might find this MeFi thread interesting.
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Response by poster: Oooh, that stuff is cool looking and free. As long as it's not some sneaky plot to turn us into zombies I'm all over it. Thanks!
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Response by poster: It's weird, because it's like there are two biofeedbacks: the responsible, clinical stuff Dr. Weil's discussion and this weird hippy-dippy new age multi-level marketing stuff.
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I got a little desktop biofeedback LED relaxation thingie from Sharper Image a few years ago. I think it was about $40 and other than having to get your fingers in just the right place it basically works.
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I've just got Wild Divine. Haven't used it - but will post on this thread when I do. Certainly it's a beautiful package - comes with all sorts of wonderful looking goodies.
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Response by poster: yeah, I'll keep checking this. I'd like to hear a review from a "real" person. Their tech support told me there is no mode where you can just hang out and practice and graph your efforts, but that this functionality will be sold in an "add-on pack." Cha-ching.
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