Can't install any Greasemonkey scripts
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Why wont Greasemonkey let me install anything?

For the first time ever I actually want to use a greasemonkey script (to prettify my gmail).

I've installed greasemonkey but when I click the Install button when attempting to load the gmail script it doesn't do anything. neither does using the Manage Scripts window.

I'm running the latest version of Portable Firefox on my work PC, but I've also tried installing it at home with no success.

I should note that the Profile directory for the Portable Firefox is copied over from my Profile at home. So if there is a problem with my Profile it may be what's stopping it working on both.
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Greasemonkey uses javascript I think - do you have it disabled?
posted by Happy Dave at 9:39 AM on April 19, 2007

The script works - I just installed it. Is Portable Firefox blocking downloads from
posted by corvine at 9:46 AM on April 19, 2007

Response by poster: Ive enabled all the javascript options. Still no luck.
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Response by poster: corvine, no scripts will install. None at all.
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Try uninstalling greasemonkey and grabbing a fresh copy from the Mozilla website.
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Best answer: Create a new profile, run Firefox with it. It'll start with no extra extensions. Add greasemonkey. Restart. Then see if it'll work.
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Response by poster: Zed_Lopez thank you :)

I created a new profile, installed Greasemonkey and the Userscript, and then copied the gm_scripts folder from one profile to the other and it's working. It'll do for me anyway :)
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I know you have already solved it, but for the record, I had this problem on Mac and was able to solve it by running these commands in the terminal:
# cd ~/Library/"Application Support"/firefox/profiles/[your profile]
# mkdir gm_scripts
# touch gm_scripts/config.xml
More info here.
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I also had a similar problem - GM's first install screwed up and left monkey crap in my config which prevented me from installing it again. Visiting about:config and deleting all entries related to GM (searching for "greasemonkey" was quickest) did the trick.
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