Help me locate this video art editing team!
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Looking for a video editing 'group' who operated a crazy art-car probably around the late-80s/early 90s.

I remember reading about them in the blue, but I can't find the right search terms to locate it again. They had this 'mobile command unit' with what looked like rocket pods or ray guns mounted on it. They would use them to display video-edit movies that they created. Kind of an art-underground thing, probably subgenius related (if that helps). In particular, they mashed up a video of frank sinatra singing on some sort of television show with some music (808 state?).
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Sounds like the Vector car from Information Society (not to be confused with Ant farm's Phantom Dream Car from the Media Burn video, that was another artwork on wheels.)
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Emergency Broadcast Network?
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Emergency Broadcast Network?
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Here's the thread in the blue.
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There's an early EBN video (linked in the MeFi post) featuring a rather psychedelically looped and distorted video of Sinatra. It used to be on YouTube, but it looks like it's been removed.
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Response by poster: This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks everyone.
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