New book published service ?
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Can anyone recommend a service which will ping me if an author publishes a new book ?
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Online bookstores will do that. I think both Powell's and Amazon will let you set up watch lists and when a book comes in that matches your list, they send you mail.
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Harper Collins has author tracker.This may apply with other publishers.
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(and as an addendum --- I wasn't able to find the watchlist functionality I remembered, just now, so maybe I'm mistaken. I'd swear I used it for a while, though, but canceled it because it would notify me not just of new books, but new editions: the tpb is out! now the paperback is out! now it's in a second printing! now the audiobook! and the large-print library binding!)
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Powell's is quite good about this.
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Response by poster: I was hoping for an RSS feed, but email would do.

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This *sort of* works. It's a google news search with the phrases "new book" and "author name." You can set the frequency to "as it happens." Using Michael Chabon as the author returns three articles, and using Donna Tartt returns none. It isn't perfect, but seems like it would mostly do the trick. You can also use that search on the main news page and get an RSS feed. It seems like it could be tweaked.
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i know amazon used to have a system where they could email you whenever a new product, matching your search criteria, was available to order. unfortunately i don't have a link for you, but i'm sure if you hunt around amazon you'll find it.
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Amazon *USED* to have a watchlist functionality but they discontinued it a while back. The google news search looks good.
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If you subscribe a account to your author watchlist, you can pick up the account contents via RSS. It's a bit Heath-Robinson, but it works. Gmail lets you subscribe to your emails by RSS, too.
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Previously, and previously.
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Amazon doesn't have this anymore. I e-mailed them about it a few days ago. They have "recommendations" and a few mailing lists that aren't helpful. Some individual publishers (Random House, Simon Says) have "author alert" services that e-mail you when new books come out, but so far they've done me very little good. If you go that route, be sure that the author's newest books are available as well as their older ones.

I haven't looked into Powells, but if they have an author tracker, it will be a lot easier than tracking down individual publishing houses.
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