ingmar bergman, who?
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In the "Casa Bonita" episode of South Park, Jimmy tells the setup of a knock-knock joke: -Knock-knock! -Who's there? -Ingmar Bergman! -Ingmar Bergman, who? Before he can tell us the punchline, he is literally punched-out by Cartman. So my question is, does anyone know of an existing punchline to this joke? My hunch is that the South Park guys just made this one up. And if that's the case, can anyone think of a great punchline for this setup?
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Sounds like an obscure Seventh Seal joke, but I haven't seen "Casa Bonita"!
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For anyone who wants to see this episode, it's here. It's definitely in my top 5 SP episodes. The way Cartman flips out at the end is hilarious.
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Eugh, bad link.. try this instead.
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I'd agree with phaedon; maybe a reworking of
Knock, Knock.
Who's there?

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Heh, the South Park version of the joke is GREAT.
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I just realized that in the Casa Bonita episode of South Park Jimmy tells Cartman a knock knock joke to use to make people like him more.

Jimmy: Well, Eric, pah part of being nice is just making people smile and laugh. The best way to do that is by telling a fan-tastic joke or a humorius anti-d- ant'duhh ...antecdote.
Cartman: Like what?
Jimmy: Well, like, try this one on for size: Knock knock.
Cartman: Who's there?
Jimmy: Ing-mar ...Bergman. [Cartman jumps, but not because of the joke. Kyle approaches them from the other end of the hall.] Now you say, "Ingmar Bergman who?"

I was told that the joke might end with "Exactly". That could be the only possible end to the joke. It made me laugh for a long time.

Pathetic. But it's the best I could do.
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as opposed to a punchline without a joke

Wrecked 'em?
It nearly killed 'em.

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"punchline" -> punch in the face.
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I wrote one last year that goes:

Who's there?
UPS Man Who?
I have a package here could you sign for it?

Heh? My other favorite is to go:

"I heard a great knock-knock joke yesterday. Start it off". Nine times out of ten, the other person will go "Knock-knock", you answer "Who's there?" and some kind of hilarity ensues.
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Um, caddis? That should be rectum? Damn near killed him!
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My guess is that it's a play on the joke from The Breakfast Club about the blonde who walks into a bar with a salami and a poodle. That joke also has no punchline and I think it may have also been an askme at one point.
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I said, "Do you love me?" and she said, "No, but that's a really nice ski mask!" AHAHAHAHAAAHAAAHAHAHhahahAHAA
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Knock knock?
Who's there?
An impatient starfish.
An impati-

And then you smack them in the face.
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To continue the derailment, here's my favorite (set of) interrupting/impatient animal jokes:

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Interrupting cow.
Interrupting cow wh-

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Confused giraffe.
Confused giraffe wh-

...I still sometimes can't get through the second one without giggling.
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