Eco-friendly print shop recommendations?
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I'm looking for some print shops that do business cards, brochures, posters, etc. that are reasonably priced and environmentally friendly.

It's been relatively easy to find one or the other (price & eco-friendly) -- but both in one place has been avoiding me. I'm trying to have some promotional materials printed for a local biodiesel co-op, so not only are we tight on funds, but we set an example as far as sustainability so recycled paper, non- or low-toxic processes, etc. are important.

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There's an old saying that I learned in the printing business... "You can have things done well, you can have them fast, you can have them cheap. Pick two." So keep that in mind.

Anyhow, as matt said, if you don't name your city it's hard for any of us to give you any specific leads.
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And how big of run, number of colors, etc? Number of copies is going to dictate price points for different methods of duplication.
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He's in Charlotte.
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Eco-friendly printing is expensive at this point. It requires specialty ink and paper, and in some cases a special press. It doesn't yet* have the market share that would allow it to be competitive on price alone, so you'll have to pay extra for the privilege of saving the Earth.

Also, what miss lynnster sid about well, fast and cheap is an absloute truth.

*my info may be a bit dated, but this was true last I checked.
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That said though, if your co-op is a non-profit organization you may be able to find a printer who's willing to cut you a price break. The printing company I work for has special non-profit rates (sorry, wrong coast, and only semi-Earth friendly) and I'd assume that you'd be able to find one near you.
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You might try searching your local directory for a shop that has a "waterless press." It is essentially an oversized color laser printer (if I'm remembering correctly) but they are usually marketed as the eco-concious printing method. I believe that the pricing on the "waterless" system is comparable to normal offset.
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