Looking for a Seamstress in London
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Looking for a good, affordable seamstress in London (UK)(preferably East London) who makes and/or copies ladies clothes.

Recommendations, suggestions and/or ideas on how to find one are all welcome.
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Many local drycleaners offer a repairs / alterations service - mine's really good - I've never asked if they do more, but that might be a starting point.

East London is also full of shops selling Asian womens' clothes and the ones near me all offer a seamstress service, but not sure if they do western-style as well - again, may be worth asking.

A slightly more pricy option might be checking out markets like Spitalfields or Camden where there are a lot of designers who will probably do bespoke work, if you find one whose sense of style is similar to yours. Or on a similar line, vintage clothing shops / stalls where they "customise" clothes - there may be someone there who would make things from scratch, to order.

And I guess there's always the student option - I don't even know if there are any fashion schools in East London, but posting an ad at one might generate some interest.

There must be loads of older seamstresses out there who are underemployed as there's no longer much demand for it. Might be a bit random, but asking some of your older neighbours if they know anyone could be an option too.

If you find someone, please post back!
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