Where's my yellow sub game?
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[childhood memory filter] When I was in elementary school, there was a game I played at the day care I was enrolled in over the summer. You were in control of a yellow Submarine navigating through labyrinthine levels (?) and your only defense was ink pellets that stunned.

Now, it has been years since I played it, so I don't remember much. Most of the enemies where on set patterns back and forth, so most of the skill was timing. The ink pellets where to get you out of situations you jumped into.

At the very end of the game, you reached the surface and transformed into a yellow helicopter and flew away.

Help me Obi-wan AskMefi, you're my only hope!
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Best answer: operation neptune

a great game in a great series.
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Response by poster: holy crap it is! i love this website, thanks teishu!
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This was one of my favourite games as an elementary school kid. There were a few more by the same company we had at my school, including Ancient Empires, Treasure Mountain, and Midnight Rescue.
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I loved that game. The end fish was hard!
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Ah, I love that company's games! Haven't played Operation Neptune but enjoyed everything else.

Is there a way to download any of these games? I kept getting hit up for money.
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Holy shit, I remember this -- this is awesome! Thanks so much!
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From what i can tell, The Learning Company got bought out a few times and super solvers seem to have slipped though the cracks a bit. So no super solvers bundle it seems.

I found a couple of the games for download on home of the underdogs, though they don't even have all the games listed, let alone up for downloading.

On Amazon most of the games are being sold for less than a dollar and i imagine you can combine shipping and get most, if not all of the series for under $10.
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Man, The Learning Company made some awesome learning games.
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