How do I stop/view a domain login script?
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How do I stop/view a domain login script? Work uses a domain login script with kixtart (kix32.exe), that maps shares, auto software installs, etc. Back with NT4 running novell, there was a nice checkbox to step through login scripts, but I have not seen anything like that in shareware/freeware.
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Best answer: Nobody should be doing software installs with a logon script. That's just wrong. Software installs should be done from a startup script, because startup scripts run with administrative rights.

That aside: when I need to do this, I will generally log on using a local machine account, then run the domain logon script by hand. You can make a local copy and insert PAUSE statements in it if you want to see what the various steps do.

You'll generally find your domain logon script inside \\domaincontroller\NETLOGON, and it's often called logon.bat.
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If you aren't an admin, you really won't be able to stop or view your login script. In NT 4 Server and later, there are so many ways to run login scripts and few, if any, of them produce interactive output.

As a former sysadmin, I wouldn't have really wanted the end-user to see everything that we were doing in login scripts.

Off-topic: sometimes just for fun we would compile login scripts with names like BlackHelicopter.exe. Ahh... dork fun!
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Response by poster: Netlogon was the answer, was able to see the scripts.
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Just for curiosity, rachelpapers: what kind of things could a logon script do that users shouldn't know about? Security by obscurity is no security at all.
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