What am I worth?
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Designer/Flash developer salaries in Austin, Tx? I need help to *not* lowball myself when looking for a new job!

Looking at relocating to Austin from Dallas, and was curious what a given skillset is worth in Austin. I know about all the online salary calculators, and I know they're all clueless. I want to hear from people who have recently worked or are currently working in Austin.

I've been designing web pages for 8 years, now. I started as an art director, doing conceptual design, and then moved into Flash around release 3. I code object-oriented AS 2.0 well, dynamic content, Flash video, all that... Sure, there are better out there, but at the last two agencies I have worked for, I've been in the top 3 - if I sit down and play with something, I can usually make it work.

My work has all been at larger advertising agencies... my client list and portfolio is competitive, including work for NationWide, Exxon/Mobil, MAX Factor, Old Spice, Prilosec OTC, etc...

I consistently lowball myself when starting new jobs, because I am afraid to not take the first offer. This has led twice now to starting a new job only to find out that there are entry-level people with half the skillset making more than me at the same company.

Help me not do that! What am I *really* worth in Austin?
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Try doubling your lowball rate in your next negotiation as a good place to start. If you know what the entry people are making, you can make that your bottom line. Just because your price starts out high doesn't mean you can't negotiate, and if the potential client doesn't haggle you can push him along with incentives, a lower rate for a standing contract/retainer, etc.
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Good luck! As a fellow Dallasite with his eye on Austin, I'm curious how you find Austin. Keep us posted.
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I can't imagine that your salary would be too different from Dallas- they're only 4 hours apart.

I would just pick what you think you should be making in Dallas, add $5-$10k to it, and call that you're ceiling.
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