Looking for a good bar near University of Dayton,
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Help me find a good bar near the University of Dayton.

I will be in Dayton later this week and looking for a good place to grab a few beers near the University of Dayton. I am looking for someplace with some local beers on tap or a microbrewery.
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I left Dayton years ago (and haven't really looked back), but for what it's worth, I can recommend the Trolley Stop and the Dublin Pub, as being not entirely horrible. Both are in the Oregon District, about 2 miles from the UD Campus.
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Other than Miami Trail, there aren't a lot of 'local' beers, other than Great Lakes (based out of Cleveland). A couple places have Great Lakes on tap, including the Dublin Pub I think. It's in the Oregon District - you can walk there from UD if you don't mind being hassled by panhandlers at night.

The only two places actually within walking distance of UD that are worth going to are Jimmy's Cornerstone Bar (on Brown and Wyoming) and Flanagan's. Oh and Milano's is more of a restaurant, but they have some beer on draught.

Where are you staying exactly? Because there are tons of bars in Dayton, some better than others. Your best bet is probably the Oregon District though, if you don't mind a chain, Fox and Hound (two locations in Dayton) has the best, widest selection available of beer on draught. Definitely not 'local' though.
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Response by poster: Thanks,

I am staying at 33 E 5th St, Dayton, OH the Crown Plaza.
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Then the Oregon District is your best bet, you're only a few blocks away - easy walking distance, although it's gonna be cold this weekend.
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Canal Street Tavern, while being more of a venue than a bar, is also great and they typically have local artists performing every night.
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