pplease help set up my wireless
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i am sure this is an easy problem: i have a problem on XP with my new wireless router. my laptop connects to it, but i cannot put in my user details for the adsl service. i used to log in through the lan port and put in a pwd and user. how do i get the system to prompt for the pwd?

old: adsl into laptop via lan, click explorer, put in my pwd and it connects

new: adsl into new wireless router. the internet doesnt connect cause there is no prompt for my login details, so no adsl conenction is made. the laptop does conncet to the wireless router.

is it something about copying ip into my wireless settings? two extra bits of info, i'm in japan (shouldnt matter) and i hate computers (dumb it down for me)

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Your router config page should have a place to put these details in. It's usually right there on the front page.

1) What kind of router?

2) Do you know how to access its config page?
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yes i do, i have to learn how to read japanese better, then download a system that will run the japanese cdrom, then i should be able to get the config set up :( i was hoping i could do it without the software
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What I think ikkyu2 was trying to tell you, is that your router has a tiny built-in Web server, whose job is to serve you some forms for configuring the router settings, via your laptop Web browser. You normally access these router configuration pages by typing in (or whatever special address URL your router is configured to answer on for setup, and you enter your router's adminstrative name (nominally admin on many routers) and password (nominally, also admin or blank on many routers, out of the box) and then you would enter your ADSL account information into the router, so it could automatically login to the ADSL network as you, in the future, using these credentials, which it will store in its own flash memory, thereafter. And, of course, you change the default administrative router password, and configure any other feature/security settings you need to, while you're at it. And maybe update the router software to latest revisions (very important).

Read the router's manual carefully, or go the maker's site, and see if they have an online setup guide in .pdf format you download, for reference while you are setting up your router.
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ok ok, i'll put it in one more (3) time, i am in japan - the manual isn't any use, neither is the website or the helpline. no setup guide in english, no software in english, no help site or help line in english. i'll keep trying but might have to return it :( if they take it back
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i got it at, and it shows a table of lan connection addresses, then in the next table of internet conenction it shows nothing. but there is nowhere obvious there to set up pwd options
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There are people on mefi who speak japanese, or are skilled at figuring out poor interfaces, so if you could post a screenshot of your config screen, or maybe a link to the manufacturers website, someone might be able to help. Where are you currently connecting to the internet from?
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What's the router's make and model number?
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great idea jacalata! sorry i thought the solution might be easy so i hadnt gone into detail.
company is i.o. data
G54lan WN-G54/R3-S
it has a lan pc card, i have tried connecting with and without.
it's xp compatible and all the other stuff

um, i cant work out how to post a screen shot, but i actually checked it with my bro and pretty sure there is no option thr.
i am gng to try the wireless wizard to see if there is another way around it.
anyway thx
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Is this Google translation of the ADSL setup procedure any use to you?
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