Why does Google search bring unrelated sites?
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Why does a Google search for "logo" turn up a bunch of sites that don't even contain the word "logo"? They seem to be just all the major sites - sourceforge, ibm, apple, etc... I'm looking for the Logo that features programmable turtles - e.g. The Logo Foundation.
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Check out starlogo
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Response by poster: i'm familiar with StarLogo and NetLogo and the like. Was just saying, a search for "logo" doesn't work, and I thought Google was smarter than that. I'm guessing it's finding the alt-text for the logo images on those pages.
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I imagine the reason is many pages link to those sites using logo buttons and the word "logo" in their alt text. ("logo programming language" and "logo turtle" bring up many hits relevant to what you're looking for.)
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Also apple and IBM have hihgly regarded logos so wneh people are discussing logos they link to apple and IBM
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It's not in the alt text of images - there are either no or very few instances of "logo" text in the source code of the main pages. It's more likely other people linking to their sites, like Mick says.
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sorry, I didn't understand your question.
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badstone, I work for one of the companies that you probably see in the sponsored links when you do that search (Logoworks), and we'd love to know the answer to that question. We've been doing everything honest to try and break into several relevant searches (and even considering, if rejecting, dishonest search-goosing tactics). We're not at all fly-by-night or even new -- we've been around for three years and have serious sales volumes, serious revenue, rent serious office space, etc. And eventually, I've come to the conclusion that Google is simply broken for certain search terms and even some domains (try searching for actual information on health supplements sometime, for example).

It's a great tool, but it's definitely imperfect. This is one strong example.
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