8"x12" photo frames and mats
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Where do you buy mats and frames for 8"x12" prints? I have several photographs that I would not like to crop to any of the other "standard" ratios (5"x7", 8"x10" or square.) I would like to print these larger than 4"x6". I realize that making my own mats and frames is an option but I would like to find some good and not-too-expensive sources that I can order from. Thanks for your help!
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I bought 8 x 12 mats (matted for 12x16) on eBay, and 12 x 16 frames at Michaels. I just checked eBay and there's hardly anything out there now, but if you ever decide to check back, use a lot of different searches with and without the word photo, with spacing & without (8x12 and 8 x 12, etc.). It was really hard for me to find the mats I bought a few months ago.
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Here's a current listing. This is exactly what I bought, but in white. This is the seller I purchased from.
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The way to go, as peep said, would be to cut a non-standard opening in a standard sized mat. eBay's pretty good for cheap mats (cheaper than local for me, and less of a pain than cutting them myself); some sellers even offer to cut whatever opening size you need. Just make sure whatever you're getting is acid free unless you don't care about long term storage.
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I guess I phrased my first comment backward. They are 12x16 matted for 8x12. But as far as 12x16 being a standard size, I don't know - they were pretty hard to find. Yes, the frames were at Michaels, but they had two to choose from - plain black and plain white. And they are rarely in stock.
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When I asked a question about frames, this shop was recommended to me - they offer a free custom cut mat with any frame purchase. Since it looks like the frames you would order would be under their "oversized" category, you wouldn't have an additional shipping charge.
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I have ordered from American Frame in the past, and been very happy with the price and the frames/mats. You can get the mats cut to whatever size you like IIRC, its not all standard.
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I buy plain mat-board, which I cut myself, at the local community college bookstore.

A sheet costs $5-6, and is something like 20"x30" - enough to mat two 8x10/8x12s.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your replies, everybody! I'll try the eBay route. American Frame appears to be a good option for frames should I not be able to find suitable ones locally.

Much appreciated!
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just... go to a crafts/art supply/framing store and have them cut? or... buy a sheet of matboard and cut it to the size you need... and they sell framing sections in one-inch increments. ... i'm... never mind. ebay? why?
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I little late I suppose, but I buy them from Precut Mats. Very fast and cheap. I get 12x16" mats with an 8x12 opening.

(They also sell 11x14" mats with 8x10" openings which is very convenient since 11x14" is an easy size frame for people to buy.)
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