Best online photo printing service?
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Which is the best online photo printing service? This was asked two years ago, but things may have changed. My priorities would be: archival quality prints; good service; and reasonable prices, in that order. Most ideal would be a Canadian service, but a second choice would be a U.S. service that mentions that they ship to Canada with reasonable fees.
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Both Black's and Future Shop do this from inside Canada, so shipping is cheap and it's CDN$ prices. Both use the same machine that prints photos if you take in old-fashioned film, so the prints are no different.

I've ordered prints from Future Shop and they were fine. Archival quality? I dunno. But they haven't faded or anything in the last 3 years.
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I mostly use EZPrints.
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Whoops, not sure if they ship to Canada.
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I just used mpix, and I'm pretty pleased with them. Postage can be a bit hefty, since they won't/can't ship anything larger than 4x6 (I think) first class - it'll be priority mail or FedEx. I just got five 8x10s with shipping for about $15.

They have this odd "metallic" paper as an option that's supposed to make your pictures "pop." I tried it with a sepia-toned print and the thing ended up looking like... well, like it was made of metal. Very odd. However, their standard paper is quite good.
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I've used FutureShop (FuturePhoto, I guess) as well, with no complaints. But archival quality they're probably not.

Toronto Image Works seems to have this service now as well - this company is where many of my professional photographer friends take their photos. I haven't used them myself, much less their online service, but they're one of the more highly respected quality shops here in Toronto.

Henrys is also Canadian, fairly well respected by amateurs and pros alike, and has an online service called Moments. I haven't used this either (yet) but this is where I'll be trying my stuff next time I want something printed.

Finally, Vistek is another place pros frequent that offers online digital printing and is also based in Toronto.

Hope that helps!
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We've had great results from Shoppers' Easypix. Place orders online, pick up in-store.
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