Inches A Weigh?
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I need information about Inches-A-Weigh.

I'm asking this question for my mother. A weight loss/exercise place called Inches A Weigh has opened up near her and she's interested in going, but when she called they were cagey about the prices. So if possible, I need to know the costs, as well what really goes on in a session. Google is strangely silent on the whole company, beyond franchising information.

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No input on this specific company but gyms in general are always sketchy on their pricing. Just try getting pricing information from any other gym and I bet you'll get the same runaround.
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I don't know about that particular program, but every gym I've gone to has been that way. And they offer a bunch of confusing options with different restrictions -- even with a calculator, it would be hard to keep them straight.

I strongly recommend that she not fall for the "today only" discount. In my experience, you can get whatever price they're offering the next time you come in.

Also, make sure she knows all the restrictions and catches. My gym has big signs up: $9 per month! It turns out it's $27 for the first three months, plus a $99 sign-up fee, then months 4-15 it's $60 a month, with a $200 penalty for canceling. They call it a one-year membership, but it's a year and 3 months.

Find out if they have a free week or a cheap intro membership, or if she can pay a day rate for a couple of sessions. They don't mention those unless you ask.

Also, she should visit the place at the time of day she plans to go and work out. They can be very busy at certain hours.
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This page mentions a $399 enrollment fee.
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I am confused about them also. There is one by my house, and I was curious about what they provide. It's more than just a gym, they have nutritionists and trainers and all of that stuff. I got a pricing sheet in the mail and it seemed wildly expensive. I'm curious if anybody here has had any experience with them.
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I don't know about this specific program, but they sound similar to any number of for-profit weight loss/fitness businesses throughout the country. As businesses they are there to earn a profit, not necessarily promote health. Your mother can probably get similar services at a much better price through the local Y with the added advantage that there she will have access to their facilities nationwide if she travels much.

Definitely agree with wryly's suggestion to scope out the parking lot of wherever she goes at her preferred time to work out.
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Response by poster: Thank you, everyone! I've forwarded this page to her.
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