Shakespearean Music
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My classroom is starting a production of Twelfth Night, and I need music for the songs sung by Feste, the Clown. We aren't going to be able to pull off live music. All of the versions of the songs I find on Google already have vocals. Does any one know of instrumental versions of the songs ("Wind and the Rain", "O Mistress Mine", etc.)? I'll even settle for sheet music and creating a MIDI version if I need to.
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Stereo music often has the vocals centered, but the music itself seperated into the R/L channels.

If you make both tracks "mono" and invert the phase of one of the channels, the inverted phase will cancel out the center channel - it will sound a little deadened....but you'll have music without lyrics.
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Also, try Luminarium--there are several MIDI files for poems by Thomas Campion, I know. That's of the time.

Boy, Come Away, Death has sure had a lot of music written for it.
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