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Secluded Rustic cabin Honeymoon getaway

My Wife and I want to rent a secluded rustic cabin for a week for our honeymoon. I would love to go to the Cumberland mountains but she wants to get a little further away (From Louisville, KY)(we will be driving)
We are looking into Ashville North Carolina. We would like to have things available for us to do aka Canoeing, Hiking, Mountains, Waterfalls etc. It would be nice to get away from Civilization for a week and enjoy each other and Nature. Anyone have any Ideas? Planning on the 3rd week of April
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I know it's not Asheville, but have you thought about the Hocking Hills in Southern Ohio? Beautiful scenery, hiking, canoeing, waterfalls, etc. and lots of rustic cabins for rent.

Easily driveable from Louisville.
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Response by poster: I thought the same thing, But I grew up in Cincinnati and I think my wife wants to get further away
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Northern Georgia? I've used this company before and was happy with them. There's white water rafting and canoeing as well as tons of other mountain-y type stuff to do.

Have a fabulous time and congratulations!
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I've used and been happy with Cyberrentals.com several times, though always in the northeast. A bunch of people there have Asheville cabins listed.
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Not quite the same question, but I got some great responses to my previous query about romantic cabin-rentals. I'd love to give more specific feedback, but the vacation plan ended up getting nixed by our employment/family circumstances.
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