Inexpensive Scanner with Feeder for Music OCR?
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Looking for an inexpensive (under $200) scanner with a document feeder. This will be used for OCR, including MUSIC OCR using "Photoscore" software so greyscale resolution should be good. Speed and capacity are important -- I'd like to be able to put a stack of pages in and let it run while I'm out of the room. Duplex would be a plus.
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Your asking for a world of features for no money. I use Xerox Documate ADF scanners (~$400 ea). I also buy used HP ScanJet's for ~$50 (ebay) that work great (ADF, no duplex).
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I think you're looking for a great deal on a used scanner in the low end of what SirStan references—low-capacity, low speed autofeed scanners appear to retail at about double what you're asking, and price goes up with speed and capacity very quickly.

Sites/stores/dealers that specialize in small-office liquidation might be able to find you a good deal.

(Up a couple orders of magnitude, the commercial-scale scanners I work with—60+ pages per minute, duplex greyscale/color scanning, hundreds-of-pages feeders—run in the five figures.)
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HP ScanJet 5590 (duplex 50p ADF) works well for me. I got it for about $200 on ebay.
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I just got an all-in-one HP, it does what you're talking about...paid like $130 on amazon. It's the 6210 all in one, but it probably has more features than you need.
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See if you can find a used Fujitsu ScanSnap on ebay.
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