A woman's Hair is Her Crowning Glory.
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Help me add hair to my hair.

I lost a lot of hair when I was hyperthyroid many years ago. It never grew back but fortunately I had a lot of hair to start with so to the casual onlooker it isn't very noticeable. It is most obvious on the top of my head but not really bad enough to warrant a wig. It is naturally straight with enough of a wave to it that it forms large, loose curls at the ends if I let it air dry.

My hair looks best when I wear it short with plenty of styling goo to give it substance, however my husband prefers it long so these days I wear it shoulder length in a layered cut parted on the side (a "comb-over" if you will) which I blow dry with lots of mousse. I keep looking for ways to add fake hair to the crown or top of my head. Back in the eighties I bought a hairband with a real hair braid affixed to it at Nordstrom's and it looked great, but I lost it when I moved. Any ideas or suggestions?
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I haven't been to the local mall in a while, but I've seen those hairband things you mentioned sold at those little kiosks that run down the center of most malls these days. Did you ever watch Will & Grace? Karen wore them in most episodes, I think. There was an episode where Jack tore it off and you could see that her actual hair was quite short, but the little mini-hairpiece made it look like she had longer, thicker hair worn in an updo.
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Response by poster: I know the type of place you are referring to but the only hair kiosks around here have nothing like that. They carry only fake ponytails and fake ringlets (to be used in place of scrunchies.)
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Wig stores have different kinds of hairpieces and removable extensions in a variety of colours, lengths and textures.
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Call around to hairdressers; they should be able to point you to someone in your area that can help. There's a stylist in my town who specializes in selling and styling these add-on pieces; I know this because she has a cable access show where she shows off what she can do with them.
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Perhaps a mild perm and highlights to add more curl and volume?

If you aren't seeing a stylist/hair-person, ask some of your friends for recommendations.
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My folks own wig stores. There are TONS of new products available from clip ons to glue ons to sew ons to full-on wigs. The wigs being manufactured these days are light and inexpensive and comfortable to wear. There's also something called a lace front wigs...You can Google that one and even order offline.

Your best bet is to go into a store and let them look at your hair. They'll need to match your color and the fullness in your hair. I'm not sure where you are but try to stay away from those high-end places. They mark up their products quite a bit and often don't have a great selection. It might take a bit of time but believe me, there's so much out there now, you're bound to find something.
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