Need list of autism schools
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Is there a comprehensive list of US schools for autistic children available in print or on the web ?

I'm looking for a list of autism schools with contact info (street address, phone, URL, etc.) I've found the info for some regions (usually counties), but not a complete list.
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Can't help you with a complete list. I can tell you that in Orlando, the best one is the Princeton House Charter School ( , and that for the public schools in the Western Learning Community for Orange County Public Schools ( the grade school with the autistic program is Thornebrooke Elementary ( and the middle school is Southwest Middle School ( Princeton House is superb. Thornebrooke is also excellent. Southwest is... less than excellent. In Seattle there is also an excellent autistic program at Alternative Elementary II @ Decatur Elementary ( That's all the schools I have had direct, personal experience with my son attending them.
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Autism Source would be my first stop, to find resources in a particular area. If nobody else has an answer, you could contact them directly and ask if they know of a directory of specialized autism schools.
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Best answer: That is, on that form, you can check a box for "private/non-public schools", which yields a list of schools nationwide. I'm not sure how comprehensive it is - there are 300+ schools listed, but I imagine it's a submit-your-own-info system so there could be some programs that are omitted.
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I know there's one in Columbus, Ohio- Oakstone Academy-and also the Beard School in Chicago is an all special-ed school, with a few all-autistic rooms.
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Do you want schools that teach only autistic children? They would qualify for special ed (yes, yes, oversimplifying greatly here) in the public schools.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses. There doesn't seem to be a comprehensive list out there, but the AutismSource db is a good start.
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