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Looking for hosted newsletter software that goes beyond Campaign Monitor

I'm looking to build a newsletter that goes along with my blog, but have a few very specific requirements that take me out of the typical realm of Campaign Monitor / Constant Contact. I've been canvassing the field for days trying to find what I need, but can't quite find it yet. I was hoping someone with more experience in this area could help out.

I need all the obvious stuff like good reporting, etc., but there are two "killer" features that are proving problematic:

*An RSS-to-email functionality like Feedburner or Feedblitz provides, but integrated together with my newsletter so subscribers will only have to sign up once.

*Unlimited list segmentation for multiple kinds of fields -- i.e. drop down, check boxes, etc., not just plain text fields.

Intellicontact nearly fits the bill but their segmentation options are really weak and won't get the job done (they only have open text fields and checkboxes). I'd like a hosted solution. Price is important (i.e. i can't afford StrongMail), but i'd just be happy to find any provider that can fulfill these requirements.

Thanks for any help!
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Are you a Non-profit? Get Democracy in Action. I use it but they have a commercial product too called Working for Change. Great link-tracking and e-mail sign-up capabilities. I can track everything and get complete info. My list goes out to 800 people and we get 50% link-back response and I don't have to wait 24 hours for the info like with feedburner. I use feedburner for my podcast stats, but I don't like their website monitoring, I worry that their live link stats are not living up to the truth and look forward to PodCamp so I can put that issue to their CIO.
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Response by poster: Hi parmanparman,

Thanks for the tip! I checked it out but sadly it didn't have the RSS input, but luckily, after further scanning i realised that AWeber actually has everything I need. Just thought i'd post in case anyone else has these requirements.
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