Am I still infected, or am I just impatient?
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Should I still consider myself as having a yeast infection?

Last Wednesday, I was diagnosed as having a yeast infection. My doctor gave me two doses of Diflucan (150 mg) to take, and I took them as directed on Wednesday and Friday. All of the redness & soreness is gone, but I still have the discharge.

Is the pill still in my system? Does it still need time to work? Or should I consider myself "uncured?" I ask because I'm going on a trip to see my boyfriend on Thursday, and we're planning on having sex. We haven't seen each other in a while, and it would really be nice if we could go ahead. I've been trying to get in touch with my doctor to ask these questions and that has been impossible. The next appointment isn't available until after I get back from my trip, and I can't get her to leave a message for me.
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Go back to your doctor for a check up when you get back. If you plan on having sex that's fine as long as you use a condom. It is likely that you could infect you boyfriend with your yeast infection.

You infection could be taking longer to cure OR you may have something else.

I am not a doctor.

Good luck
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Do you suffer from high blood sugar? As a diabetic, I often get yeast infections when my sugar is out of control. (Reasons why I keep on top of it now!) Before, even with Diflucan, yeast infections rarely went away until I started my period.

Are you close to your period?

At any rate, your best bet is to use condoms. Keeps him yeast-free, and it'll keep him from possibly transferring the yeast infection back to you.
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There should be no danger in having sex if you use a condom, as jek has said. Yeast infections can, in rare cases, be passed to a male partner, but a condom will minimize the risk, as will a quick wash afterwards. What he will want to avoid is any secretions being trapped in warm folds of skin--you may want to follow up with a quick shower together, or even just a refreshing wipe-down with a warm washcloth.
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Diflucan can take a week to completely fight the yeastie beasties but it is also possible that you have a strain of yeast resistant to the Diflucan (or a nice little bacteria overgrowth to go along with it, happened to me a lot while using the Nuova ring) either way as long as your not uncomfortable and you use a condom it shouldn't be a big deal. I would however make an appointment to after the trip and get a vaginal culture done to be sure.
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If you suspect you might still have a mild infection, I'd recommend taking acidophilus (you can find it in yogurt, some milks, or in capsules at the health food store). It's quite effective at preventing and treating mild yeast infections, and at the very least should prevent your infection (if you still have one) from becoming problematic while you're visiting your boyfriend.
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Also, in addition to what Stefanie said above...a yogurt "douche"...which feels pretty icky, will cure up the discharge pretty darn quickly.
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(If your boyfriend is uncircumcised, incidentally, he has higher odds of getting the yeast infection himself. See warm folds of skin, above. Using a condom will still protect him — it's just that if you don't use one he's got a decent chance of catching it, whereas a circumcised guy probably still wouldn't.)
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Give penetration a test run by yourself first. You could very well believe that the yeast infection is gone, until you go trying to make the vagina happy and make it very very VERY angry instead. Check to be sure all systems really ARE go before putting yourself in an uncomfortable position sexually.

You can always stick to non-penetrative forms of sex. If you do decide to have intercourse, use a condom! Good luck!
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Ms. Obvious here, you have the discharge or a discharge? (Consider where you are in your cycle, e.g. if you're possibly ovulating, the smell of the discharge, the texture, etc.)

Also yogurt does not feel (that) weird. If you're irritated at all it feels kind of nice. (TMI I know, sorry.) Just make sure you get non-flavoured non-sugar-added with activated cultures (it says on the label).
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dejah420's suggestion to, um internalize the acidophilus is much easier to implement if you freeze the yogurt....
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Acidophilus is a great suggestion. I'd also like to add that hydrogen peroxide, just on a washcloth to be used like a wipe really helps eat those surface yeasties.
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My GYN told me to get the little acidophilus pearls and insert them as well as take them for a yeast infection. I have also found that using hydrogen peroxide as a douche is a life saver...burns quite a bit the first time but works.
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Hydrogen peroxide? No kidding? Good to know.

Freezing the yogurt is a stroke, (er, as it were) of genius!
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