Experience with Casa Guatemala?
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Anyone have experience volunteering with Casa Guatemala?

My mind's about 90% made up to volunteer for 6+ months with them (if they'll take me), and I wanted to poll the hive mind for wisdom.

Any experiences (positive or otherwise) from someone who's been there? Any recommendations for being a successful applicant? For being successful as a volunteer?
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While Casa Guatemala gets high marks in my office, have you thought of working in Nicaragua? The economy is a lot more stable, there is less crime in the major cities, and the countryside is incredible. The Quixote Center can help you find a program to get there.
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Response by poster: Thanks, parmanparman -- I appreciate your input. Looks like I found one of the rare things that doesn't quite overlap with the hive mind.
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I'd be interested to hear how this went. I recently met a guy on Amtrak who'd volunteered with them for about six months, and though he loved working with children, was really cynical re: the corruption and mismanagement of the organization. Also, Rio Dulce is a beautiful area, but if I were to pick ten places to spend half a year in, in Guatemala, it wouldn't figure on the list!
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