Customizing windows XP?
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Basic question about the windows interface, specifically the "browse" dialog box. -->

Is there a way to customize this -- a registry hack, a tweak app -- so that it stays sorted the way I like it sorted? (By details/date modified). Also, it would be nice to have custom shortcuts in that lefthand pane, and it would be even nicer if the whole thing was bigger. (I'm on XP, and the shareware "Let Me See It" doesn't seem to work right for XP.)
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As far as customizing the shortcuts, the TweakUI PowerToy will let you do that. I don't know about the rest, sorry.
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Back when I was first learning about DLLs (Windows 3.1?) the example someone used was the Open File dialog. "Why, you'll be able to replace it with whatever you want!"
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To save the current sort order, close the windows with the top "x" while holding down "Ctrl".
I guess this is so obvious that MS felt no need to document it, right?
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signal, you fucking rule. I'd been wondering how to do that for years.
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Response by poster: Signal, that does force it to retain the size of the box, but for me anyway, it doesn't retain the view. It always goes to List and I was hoping to have it always go to Details.

Maybe I could find out more if I knew the "official" name of these 'browse' dialog boxes. Anybody know?
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The Open File dialog is in the Common Dialog dll (comdlg32.dll). It contains Save File, Font Picker, Color Picker, and some others I don't remember. I do remember from my programming days that the Common Dialogs were easy to customize for appearance and behavior when used in programs. I'd imagine that the registry contains the default settings but haven't been able to track down where they are. If you want to try here's
some info for Win2k.
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From my link:
As best as I can tell, there is NO way to force an application to use a particular 'default' view in the CDB, particularly the details view
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I recommend hunting down pddlghlp.exe. It places a handy "go to folder" utility into the browse dialog.
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