Auto Dealership Photo Inventory Workflow?
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Anyone with knowledge/experience in putting auto dealership inventory online (photos, VIN scanners, ect.)? I have a several dealerships interested in outsourcing this job to me, but I want to do it in the least time-consuming way possible.

I'll consider third-party solutions, but don't know if I'll be able to afford them. If you are in the business yourself, I'd be interested in any pricing info you'd like to share (how much to charge the dealership). This would be a sideline business for me. Thanks in advance for any info!
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My father's business (6 new car franchises, and 1 used car lot), uses Dealer Specialties. If I'm remember correctly -- I worked there up until four months ago -- we paid $11 for each window sticker.

Doing it on your own could be tough, as you would have to find a way to extract the VIN information (VIN explosion, it is called in the biz.) But that is just the start, because the VIN doesn't contain all the options the vehicle comes with. The Dealer Specialties representative checked each option off manually, after taking a picture of the car.

I'd be happy to answer in more detail if you want to message me.
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Sorry, I meant email me. ggrapponeatgmaildotcom
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Subscribe to NADA Guides and you will have access to their database of vehicles. VINs, body types, etc. We use it for an auto-einsurance application and it's pretty great (and VAST!)
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