Skype changing prices?
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I am getting the wrong price when I try to buy SkypeIn. Everywhere I look on the Skype webpage, the cost is listed as $12 for 3 months and $38 for 12 months. When I go to check-out, however, it offers me the choice of $18 for 3 months or $60 for 12 months. Is this a poorly-coordinated price hike or something wrong with the check-out?
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FWIW- Skype customer service just got back to me and said they're having some problems with the in-program buying setup. They recommended I go to If you're trying to buy directly in the program, there's a slim possibility that's part of the problem.
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I just went to and it gave me the correct price at the chackout.
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Are you sure the quoted price is in dollars? When I bought my skype plan all the prices were initially quoted to me in Euros but the checkout converted them to dollars for me.
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Mine is in Canadian dollars, and it says "Only $38 for 12 months or $12 for 3 months" but I didn't go through the further steps. That's Canadian, not Euros.
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