Who did the art for Snow Patrol's Eyes Open album?
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Who did the art for Snow Patrol's Eyes Open album?

I really like it and would love to see more of whomever's work it is. Google is failing me. Also more generally, where can I find this sort of information about any album? Its not listed with the regular credits online.
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Stop using Google, then.

snow patrol artwork

"Who did the cover artwork for snow patrol's 'eyes open' album?"

Technical Credits

Richard Andrews
- Art Direction
Mat Maitland
- Art Direction, Images
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According to the page for that album at Answers.com, the images are credited to Mat Maitland.

Answers.com shows credit information for a lot of CDs-- I did a vanity search once on my name once and noticed entries for the graphic design work I do for a friend who has a punk rock record company. If they are capturing fairly obscure titles like this one, it's probably a good source for credits on more mainstream bands.
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I like to use Artist Direct for album credits, andythebean. Here's Mat Maitland's myspace.
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Response by poster: thanks.
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