Symbols for night?
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AncientSymbolsFilter: My google skills have failed me. I'm looking for a symbol representing night or darkness. Preferably from Antiquity or Celtic societies. Help?
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Google book search has you covered for Egypt, although both of the sources are really early, fwiw.

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this Edwards uses a different symbol. (pt, the base, is pretty much undeniably a sign for 'sky', at least.)

I'm not finding anything in classical sources at the moment, though.
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Different part of the world, but

Night 夜
Midnight 夜中
Evening 晩
Moon 月
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Best answer: Google-fu: Tarvos Trigarnos was the Roman name on the trio Three Cranes, the Bull and the Tree of Life. These three are from the Celtic night sky the Bull for Kaitos/Whale, the Tree of Life may be a tree for the same figure as the big man in Evenstorp.
The Triple-moon goddess symbol
I also recall the boar represents darkness, but typically along with evilness.
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One more from
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Getting a tattoo are we?
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Response by poster: We are. Well, if we can find the right image.
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There's the Mayan Akbal glyph, one of the named days, also denoting night or darkness.

Or, one of the Nine Lords of the Night, although the connection between this night, as calendrical markings, and the night you're looking for are more tenuous.
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Best answer: The Goddess Nuit (Nut, Nwt, Nuith, Nathor).
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Awesome... let us all know what you decide on. :)
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Response by poster: Thanks very much for your help, all! boo_radley, I like the idea of Tarvos very much, but further research indicates a connection with the night or night sky may be tenuous. However, I like it so much I may eschew the original meaning that I was looking for in favor of it. But we shall see if it or Nuit end up tagged on me for life.
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