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Can I snap this keyboard key back in?

My G key on my Gateway Tablet PC had a piece of food under it and was making it not respond to my finger presses well. I wanted to lift it to clean the bottom of it and it snapped off. I can't seem to get it back on, although, as you can see, the G key works fine with the actually key off, but I want it on.

There are two white pieces, one attached to the black key (but can be lifted up) and one just laying there.

Here's the keyboard, the broken key, and the white piece. The white plastic piece is broken due to my dad trying to snap the key back in place, but still intact.

Is there any hope to get this key back on the keyboard? How does the white piece snap into the key or keyboard?
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Should give you an idea: LINK.
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Even better (scroll down).
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Those are good links. I've had to replace nearly 30 keys for my users since the beginning of the year. If you want to get really good at it, gently pry off a good key and figure out the crosspieces.

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Since your "white piece" is broken I think you need to get a "new" one (it looks like it is made of polypropylene or nylon - neither of which like glue. For an emergency repair I would try using a hot thin needle to poke holes near the break and then use fine wire or mono filament to sew the break together. I don't know if this repair could stand the stress).

Anyway get a "new" (salvaged) white piece from a used computer shop, from the IT department of a large company, or through auto cannibalism.

You should probably pop off another key and so you can compare your bad key to a good one and make sure no other damage is involved.

If you are lazy and never use say your "scroll lock" key, you can cannibalize parts from that key.
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Best answer: If you can't get it back on and the thing is still under warantee, Gateway should be able to send you a new keyboard with instructions on how to install it. I had to do that on my IBM Thinkpad and it was really easy. You will need some teeny-tiny screwdrivers however (I got mine at RadioShack).
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Response by poster: I couldn't get the white piece back in (I popped some other keys off and they pop right back on) so I spoke to Gateway and a new keyboard will arrive in three to five days. Thanks!
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